In-Home Engagement Session in Boston


Engagement sessions can sound a little scary at first. Maybe you conjure up images of stiff and awkward poses that you've seen a hundred times and thought "I never want those photos." 

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be that way and engagement sessions can be a fun and worthwhile part of the wedding photography process. Although there are a bunch of reasons this step can be helpful, the biggest is the chance for you and your photographer to hang out together for a couple hours before your big day. This is the perfect time for you to see how your photographer works, practice having your picture taken, and ultimately realize how much fun it can be. Your wedding day will be an amazing whirlwind of emotions, so it will be much less stressful to have had some experience with your photographer’s style beforehand. 

Cat and Ben were especially excited about the idea of getting to know me a little bit before their big day and invited me to their beautiful Boston apartment for a few hours to talk and to take some casual photos. We planned for around an hour and a half, but I ended up chatting and taking photos for close to three hours and had a wonderful time.  One thing I love about in-home engagement sessions is that it allows couples to start from a place where they are truly comfortable. There is no shortage of cute activities and photo opportunities there, which help to take their minds off the camera. By the end of our photoshoot, we had all really gotten into the process and — multiple wardrobe changes and locations later — everyone was looking forward to the wedding day!

Cat and Ben got married this past October at a private residence in Ipswich, Massachusetts and it was absolutely stunning. Stay tuned for the full wedding post!

Charles River Esplanade

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