Intimate Wedding Celebration at the Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn


The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York provided the perfect backdrop for Molly and Matt’s non-traditional wedding celebration. This 117 year old factory building was converted in 2012 into the exquisite hotel it is today and effectively showcases the borough’s historic beauty and New York City’s sweeping skylines. With large windows for natural lighting, exposed brickwork, and artfully arranged greenery, the details of the hotel highlighted and framed the couple’s special day perfectly.

Molly and Matt tied the knot at an earlier date before bringing friends and family together for the larger reception, so they took some key elements in a non-traditional direction. 

First, they forewent the separate rooms. These two got ready together, which made for some gorgeous photo opportunities that only emphasize the sense of love and excitement in the room. Molly wore a black, lace gown rather than the usual white and they chose not to cut a cake. In place of first dances and speeches, Molly and Matt opted for quieter moments with their loved ones.

When planning your wedding celebration, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for the perfect day. Take the time to consider the elements and traditions most important to you and choose only those that feel right. There is always room for creativity and innovation in the details, and your photos will reflect a day that is matched to the people it celebrates. 

Congratulations again to Molly and Matt!