Hey everyone, I want to start off by describing what my vision for this blog feature will be used for. This website is primarily a portfolio for my best work. I take a lot of pictures every week and not all of them necessarily it into some of the portfolio categories. This blog will serve as a place where I can share these photos and other current projects. 

To start off I wanted to share some of the work that I have been doing in my intermediate photo class. In this class we are using 4x5 large format film cameras like these. It has been really interesting to use these cameras and get used to their work flow. These cameras provide a really interesting way to merge digital and analog technologies. The pictures we are taking are captured on a 4x5" piece of film and then we scan them onto a computer using a negative scanner and do color and printing within photoshop. What really strikes me about these type of photography and using these very large negatives is the amount of detail one is able to capture is unparalleled in current digital photography. Some high end digtal backs for Hasselblad and Phase One cameras are close but there is a quality to film that is very hard to replicate. I had not previously worked with film before but I love what it can do. With the ability to work with film for very little financially I will definitely be continuing to use this medium as much as possible. Below are a few examples of recent work. 

*Not all the photos below are final prints. Some like the one with the orage flare are not "technically" sound images but I still like them. It is one of the interesting things about shooting with film, mistakes can look interesting.