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Beachside Wedding at The Oceanview of Nahant, MA | Jaime + Ryan


Beachside Wedding at The Oceanview of Nahant, MA | Jaime + Ryan

Beachside Wedding at the Oceanview of Nahant


It’s pretty safe to say that everyone dreams their wedding day will be flawless and unique, and I’m certain this was no different for Jamie and Ryan. These two North Shore natives held their summer wedding at The Oceanview of Nahant in Massachusetts. Their ceremony, reception, and photos were absolutely gorgeous and the event went off without a hitch, which brings up the question: how does one plan for a personalized celebration at a dedicated wedding venue?

The Oceanview of Nahant is an elegant venue steps from the beach which hosts weddings every weekend throughout the busy season. For some, this may sound like the recipe for a cookie-cutter wedding, but it turns out this site has great options for customization!

The Oceanview provides on-site catering, sound equipment, waitstaff, and clean-up services for its clients which seriously cuts down on the number of vendors they need to coordinate. There are beautiful suites in which the bride and groom can get ready for their ceremony without seeing one another — this also makes it easier to utilize a single photographer because there is no travel between sites. This particular location sits steps from the sand in Nahant with access to gorgeous photo spots as well! And it’s worth pointing out that this wedding enjoyed such scenery from the luxury of a space that was not covered in sand. Priceless.

The trick with planning a wedding as seamless and convenient as this, is to focus in on those moments that give a wedding its intimacy and character. Jamie and Ryan did this by setting aside time to go off on their own and take photos between the ceremony and the reception. This gave the two a chance to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and decompress before spending the evening with all their family and friends. To spice up the agenda and bring their personalities to the celebration, Jamie and Ryan also added a back to back “no look” moment, a competitive father-daughter dance-off, and a romantic sparkler last dance later on.

My opinion: don’t write off professional wedding venues for fear of uniformity. These sites can offer a great deal of convenient amenities and could take a lot of the stress out of planning your celebration. With Jamie and Ryan as our example, the trick is to make sure that you set aside those key moments to be with your partner, plan for the photos you’re hoping for, and show off your quirky side in the details!

Congratulations Jamie and Ryan on a beautiful day and here’s to many happy anniversaries to come!


Dress: Melissa Sweet by David’s Bridal

Groomsman: Indochino

Invitations & Flowers: Done by the bride and groom

Dessert: Crave Cafe in Beverly, MA

Videography: Chris Gogolos Media

Signage: Courtney Utz